Anna Austin

Owner and dog carer
Brief info

As a child, growing up in Winchester with Irish Setters meant that I developed a love for gun dogs and developed an understanding on how their personalities and breed can affect their behaviour. I learnt the games they love that nurture their instincts and games to calm them when they need some down time.
In 2005 I moved to Italy where I stayed for seven years, helping in a local volunteer program that fed the street dogs. Upon returning to the UK in 2013, I became a primary school teacher which I found extremely rewarding. However, my real love was in working with dogs. I have found that much of the positive reinforcement that I used in my teaching has been incredibly useful when working with dogs. No child or dog will respond well to you by being shouted at. I build a relationship with the dog, just like I did with the children in my class, and this has had fantastic results. My work in schools and experiences with dogs has given me the skills and knowledge to keep them safe and happy. I would like to welcome you and your dog to the Top Dog Walkers family!